The 10 minute Sex and the City
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Can you point me towards a concise summary of the major events from the entire run of the Sex and the City show?

My friend invited me to go to see the movie with her this weekend, but I think I've only seen 2 episodes of the show, and neither of them had "Mr. Big" in them, which I gather from the commercials is a rather major character. I tried reading the TWOP recaps, but they're just too long to get through by Saturday. Is there a summary somewhere which can fill me in on enough of the show to appreciate the film?
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I've never watched SATC. However, this looks like it would be what you want. You'll see two and three sentence summaries of each episode.
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The current issue of Entertainment Weekly has very brief (approx. 200 words) recaps of every episode of the show. Start here and you can go through all of the seasons. That should get you relatively up to speed.
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P.S. If you click on the episode titles, you can get a more in-depth summary.

I've done this for other TV shows and it's fairly helpful. It's surprising how much information Wikipedia has on stuff like that. I guess any popular show is going to have its Wiki devotees who chronicle it all.
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Best answer: Look at the wiki pages for the four main characters. Those have the important stuff.
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In the vein of the original question, is there anywhere that has season summaries (ie. a page or so for each season explaining what happened)? I've often looked for these for other shows, but never really found a good source...
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Mod note: A few comments removed. The question is asking for sources for summaries, not one-liners.
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Best answer: Seeing that Mrs. Writer and I have watched the DVDs countless times, maybe this quick write-up will help, especially compared to the movie trailer.


The whole series, they have an on-off relationship, with boyfriends in between, and a failed marriage for Big that Carrie basically caused by cheating with Big. At the end of the last season, she had been whisked away to Paris with artist named Alexander, Big missed her, and with the support of the Girls, he was dispatched to “bring her home,” and at the final moments of the last episode, they seemed to be in love again. Look for commitment/marriage phobia from both of them. If memory serves, this will be Big’s third marriage. Note that Big has a wandering eye.

After much sleeping around, last season or two she hooked up with a boy toy (Smith Jerrod), a young movie star, who looks to be in this movie, too. She then had a cancer scare, and he was there to support her, which basically changed her views on monogamy (monotony, for her), but the trailer alludes to her still with a wandering eye. Other than cancer, the only possible sub-plot that might come up was her old relationship with the hotel owner, Richard Wright. She also has age issues, being the oldest of the girls. She did have a short-lived lesbian relationship, but that’s dead in the water. She’s the funnier, raunchier member of the group. She knows here celebrities and fashion, and all that entails.

The more conservative of the bunch, married and with adopted child. Married to Harry, a lawyer. Looks like in the trailer, she’s pregnant now. (She struggled for a while in her first marriage, to Trey.) She stands out as the traditional one of the group, with conservative views toward life, marriage, family, sex, etc. Loves art, kids, pets and the finer things in life. Sometimes at odds with Samantha’s lifestyle, but they get past their differences. Only possible sub-plot might be her first marriage, Trey, and his classically rich family, including his mom, Bunny.

Other than Carrie, I think the most developed character. Brings to the movie her husband, Steve, who she had (yes, you guessed it) on-and-off relationship with her over the series. They live in Brooklyn (gasp!) with their son, Brady. For a bit, Steve had his ailing mom (Alzheimers) living with them. Miranda is work-focused, on-the-go and Type A. She’s had a string of past relationships, but sadly the trailer alludes to possibly Steve having cheated on her?
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