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How can I design a robust system that collects lunch orders and payments, collates them, and then dispatches them to a sandwich shop - all automatically?

I've finally had it with our office canteen. It's dreadful and expensive. But it's also a hike to the nearest shop. Everyone moans about the canteen, but no one wants to have to run an order book every day.

I would like to set up some kind of ordering system where colleagues could place their order and pay by a certain time. Then that order would be automatically sent to a sandwich shop, which would then deliver to the front desk.

All of the ideas I can think of (using a wiki for example) involve me having to collect cash or otherwise getting involved. So I'm turning it over to the collective creative geniuses of the green. What can you think of?

I'm in DC if that helps.
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Seamless Web? Sign up for a corporate account and put it on one card. You still have to collect cash from everyone, but I'm not sure how you're going to get around that one even with the ideal service.
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You could setup a "store" with Paypal with the sandwiches available, as long as your coworkers (or you) don't mind paying the slight fees.

Then you could just e-mail/fax the orders to the sandwich shop.
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