Please help me find the artist behind this print
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Design/decorating filter:Anyone know who the artist of this print is, or point me to some similar types of prints?

I like the quadscape butterfly print, but given the colors, and the price, I figured I might be able to find something similar, if not find the actual print itself. Plus, the idea of doing business with Pottery Barn without the option for return? Not thrilling me.

I would love to know the artist, or the name of an artist who has done similar work. Usually I can find similar prints on but I didn't come up with anything like this butterfly print.
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Pretty similar to these prints from Guerin. Just google antique butterfly prints for lots more.
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Here are some similar botanical and nature prints at Horchow, but still pricey.

I would search for botanical and nature art books on Amaon and elsewhere. Maybe type in, "flora fauna botanical", etc.
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My first instict was that it is one of Haeckel's. He did the most beautiful biological illustrations in that same style.
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Best answer: The quadscape is by Morin, from a German encyclopaedia. You can purchase the image through the New York Public Library's collection.
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Response by poster: Hi, thank you all! I had spent quite a bit of time searching for what I could make out of the title, looking at works by Seguy and looking at botanical/insect prints, but never finding the fabulous Morin or Haeckel.

I just ordered it from the New York Public Library, and it's the exact one I was looking for.
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