Mac Office 2008 install Hell
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How can I install the Mac Office 2008 Volume License (VLA) version over Mac Office 2008 Peronal License version without losing any user data?

Long story short: I have an Intel iMac that has Office 2008 installed with a personal use license. It's on a local network with another, older iMac that also has Office 2008 installed with the same personal use license. Both computers are running Leopard.

Due to the restrictions of the personal license, only one machine can run Office at a time. I now have a volume license, and need to convert at least one of these machines to a volume license installation. I DO NOT want to lose the Microsoft user data on either machine!

I tried the obvious and deleted the Office 2008 folder on the Intel iMac, containing all the personally licensed Office apps, and installed the volume license versions, but this does not seem to change the licensing info: Office apps show the old, personally licensed product ID number on their splash screens, and behave as personally licensed apps (i.e., the older iMac running Office 2008 concurrently with a personal license prevents Office 2008 from launching on the Intel iMac).

What do I need to do to install or convert to the volume license version without losing my existing user data? Neither Microsoft's KB nor Google is giving me the nugget of info I'm looking for.
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Best answer: Here's a post telling where the license is kept.

As far as I know, you won't lose any user data by removing this file and going through the keying process again. Just drag the file to your desktop and re-launch one of the apps and it will ask you to re-serialize.
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Response by poster: Thanks! That's the tip I needed.
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