Google in Internet Explorer but not Firefox?
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Google search problems here. I've asked around the local tech circle and no one can think up an explanation for this one. Google will load in FF and IE7 - but - I can only execute a search from IE.

I'm running XP with the latest final of FF. I have Google as an exemption, so I know it's not a problem with cookies. I've also ran Spybot and Adaware, and both came up clean. Google pings with zero packet loss. This one has got me baffled.
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Are you having this problem using the search bar in your browser, or when you actually go to, fill in the form and click the button?
posted by me & my monkey at 2:18 PM on May 27, 2008

It works fine on my last FF build. Google home page is only a form submission ...
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Go to Tools->Options, then the Advanced icon. Click on the Network tab, then "settings" under connection. Make sure that "direct connection to the internet" is selected; if it is, then check in Internet Explorer to see a proxy is required. Under Tools->Internet Options, click the "Connections" tab, then "LAN Settings," and see what the setting is there. If it has a proxy set up, duplicate the information in the Firefox proxy dialog.
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me & my monkey: When I fill out the form and click the button. Also, I'm directly connected, not through a proxy. IE's settings match FireFox's. Hope that helps.
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Do you have any Firefox add-ons installed? If so, which ones?

Can you submit other forms in Firefox? Other ones using GET requests instead of POST requests? Yahoo and both do this as well.
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I'm guessing you have JavaScript turned off/screwed with in FireFox and not in IE.
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Launch FF in safe mode. Still happen? Probably not. If not, start disabling all your add-ons one by one until it starts working again. Then you will know which add-on is giving you issues.

If it is not an add-on, but safe mode worked. Uninstall and re-install FF.
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Create a new profile from Firefox's Profile Manager and try using it.
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