UV Blocking sunglasses please.
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What are the best UV blocking sunglasses for overall eye health and well being, brand name or otherwise?

I just had PRK surgery done on my eyes last month and the optometrist recommended that I wear sunglasses with UV blocking lenses whenever I'm out in the sun. Are Oakleys or Raybans the best out there? Please recommend some types as I generally only buy the $5.00 ones from gas stations.
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My $.02...

Look at brands like Julbo that make glasses for outdoor sports/mountaineering. Any lens that is meant to be worn on a glacier will block UV, and the frame designs tend to be designed to block as much light as possible.
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Best answer: Any sunglasses that have "UV400" or "broad spectrum" uv protection should be just fine, from an eye health standpoint, even if they're cheap.
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if you don't mind being extreme / slightly steam punk, there was a man at my last job that was ultra sensitive to light and he wore a pair of welding goggles. foam around the eyes blocked out all the extra light.
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gwenzel has it. For health reasons you don't need much else.

If you are looking for nice glasses try Maui Jim's. After years of wearing prescription glasses I couldn't stand the $5 dollar frames. They are expensive up front, but I wore the first pair I had for about 8 years before Mrs. Silvertree said they could use a style update.
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