Need help finding a specific shirt & pants
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Where can I find a shirt like this (except white with blue trim), and pants like these (except black), either online or in the Chicago area between now and July 1st?

These are for a wedding in July. The company I was going to order from tells me they can't get the shirt & pants to me before the wedding date.

At this point I'm not concerned about a custom fit I just need something that will help me fit with the other groomsmen.

Thank you for any suggestions!
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My brother-in-law wore something remarkably similar to a wedding last summer. He bought it at Von Maur in Lombard in the western suburbs.
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The Pullman area in chicago.
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I'm not from Chicago, but I'd check out some Mexican clothing stores for the shirt. It's basically a guayabera style and should be easy to find. The style is recognizable enough in men's clothing stores that you could just ask if they have "guayaberas" and they might point to in the right direction. For the pants, a Tommy Bahama store might have something close (warning - the website is slightly annoying). There are probably a bunch of these stores in a big city like Chicago.
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