Identify this concert/track for me!
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On BBC Radio 6 a few days ago, probably sometime late at night or early in the morning in British time (I was listening in the afternoon in the US) they were playing a concert recording of an artist who’s volcal style resembled a less coherent Amy Winehouse. One of the songs used part of tchaichovskys Romeo and Juliet for a hook, and it was all mostly soul/R&B type music. Any ideas what it was?
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Is there any possibility it could have been some of the music from The Rapsody Overture ?
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If you can figure out when you were listening, go to the radio 6 site and look at past tracklistings for the show you heard. Then you'll have something to start from.

Random example tracklisting page.
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Response by poster: o0dano0o - I had a quick look around the site, but I wasn't able to locate listings for past days. Looks like I can do it if I know the name of the show, but sadly I didn't catch it.
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I think it might be Duffy as well, just because of your "less coherent than Amy Winehouse" description. And damn...she really does sound less coherent than Winehouse, now that I think about it. That's an accomplishment, right there.
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Maybe the singer was Adele? I just got her CD and I haven't listened to all her songs, but she gets compared a lot to Amy Winehouse.
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Best answer: If you can figure out when you were listening, part 2:

Everything played on 6 Music from the studio computer systems is listed by time and date on
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Response by poster: Ghengis helped me find it - The artist is Sia, the Tchaikovsky sounding track is " Taken For Granted" ( I think it may be Prokofiev though). Sadly the youtube version doesn't sound nearly as the Summer Sundae 2004 version.

Thanks all!
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