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When I close the lid of my White 13" MacBook and apply some pressure to the top, as when carrying it, there is some flexibility that is the screen bending slightly. Is this dangerous for the screen or is it designed to withstand that pressure?
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Speaking as someone who has put his MacBook through the paces - with very little regard for breaking it, quite frankly - I can tell you that it can withstand this pressure. I've laid dinner plates, cats, external drives, cameras, other computers and assorted other oddments on mine, haphazardly, and it's still a happy little machine.
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My lovely fiance reminds me that we have each also stepped on ours one or twice, in that "notice-it-and-leap-off-immediately" kind of way.
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The screen may press against the keyboard. Over time, you may see permanent marks on the screen where the keys rubbed the surface of the screen.
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My cat sleeps on mine regularly, and it seems fine. It's probably more likely to be damaged by heat and cat fur than by insignificant weight.
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I've accidentally set mine on fire and aside from a blister on the top cover, it still works perfectly. Though I'm pretty sure my warranty is shot. I'm sure I've also mashed things onto the top of it pretty fiercely and all is still operating fine. Now, whether it is designed to survive this or it is just happy coincidence.....
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I have permanent markings on the screen from my keyboard. I don't recall any major traumas, so I'm guessing it's just from packing it alongside too many items in my messenger bag.
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The screen should be fine, but as others have said, unless you use a keyboard cloth cover, you'll eventually get marks on your screen from the keys.
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