Best parking option for Comerica Park?
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What's the parking at/near Comera Park like? Is it safe and inexpensive?

I'm thinking of taking a day trip down to Comerica Park to see a Tigers game at Comerica Park. What's the parking like there? Is it safe? Average price? I'd like to make it down to old Tiger Stadium to take a few photos as well (I'm positive it's still up although I read they're tearing everything but the left field grand stand down) but I'm basically worried about safety. I've heard Detroit isn't the safest place in the world so I just want to stay on the cautious side.
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It's safe. I've been down there many times for various events and never had a problem or heard of anyone who has. Park in an Olympia lot- they're more expensive, but I'm pretty sure there's somebody watching them throughout the game. Parking is more expensive the closer you get to the park. If you're willing to walk, park in one of the farther lots and you'll pay something like $15. There are also bars in Detroit and the closer suburbs that run shuttles to the park, I think, and I imagine their lots are safe.
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You have nothing to worry about. Detroit is just as safe as any other large city. I lived in the D for a decade, and never felt unsafe.

There's a ton of parking in the Foxtown area surrounding Comerica Park, but as said, it's more expensive the closer you get. There's even a manned lot directly across the street, but it will cost you $20-$25. There's much cheaper parking a block or two away in the Grand Circus Park garage and in the lots behind the Hockeytown Cafe.

As for Tiger Stadium, it's still standing (Though not for much longer). The Corktown area where Tigers Stadium is located isn't quite as nice as ir is near Comerica, but it's plenty safe. There's a couple of sports bars across the street, Hoot's and Nemo's. In fact, you can park for free there, and take a shuttle over to Comerica.
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>The Corktown area where Tigers Stadium is located isn't quite as nice as ir is near Comerica, but it's plenty safe.

During daylight.
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As a current resident, Comerica Park and that whole downtown area seem to be where all Detroit police congregate, especially during games and events. We're ramping up to event season here in Detroit, so there will be lots of people around, and lots of police. In other words, safe.

Old Tiger Stadium - you don't get to see too much of it these days. It's pretty well fenced in, and there tends to be security guards in SUVs to make sure no 'souvenir seekers' make off with any of the old girl.

That said, the boyfriend and I walk to Mexicantown past Tiger Stadium fairly regularly during both day and night hours. We've yet to be accosted, but I understand it's anecdotal.

Detroit is a lovely place - taking the same precautions you would take in any unfamiliar city should be sufficient. Have fun!
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