Best Water Park in NY or NJ??
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What is the very best water park for 30ish folks to enjoy in the NY/NJ area?
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Can you trek over to PA? If so, Camelbeach Waterpark in the Poconos and Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom.
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Seconding wildwater kingdom. There's also hurricane harbor at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ
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Camelbeach is soooo your time and money.
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None of the above. What you want is either a. the award winning Splish Splash on Long Island or b. Mountain Creek Water Park in Vernon, NJ.
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My instant recommendation would have been Action Park in the Vernon Valley/Great Gorge area.
Best rides ever, especially the insanely dangerous ones, like the waterslides that did vertical loops and/or went underground and then shot you out 20 feet above a mountain creek. But I checked and apparently those cool dangerous rides and the stoned teenagers who "supervised" them got it reclassified as "Class Action Park". It seems to have changed hands several times and is now the above referenced Mountain Creek Water Park, with its "vastly increased focus on safety". Boo. But it looks like the underground/midair ride is still there, making it worth the trip! Also, the original rides/park were built on a ski slope to draw crowds in the otherwise empty summer season; this meant that much of the place was grassy and semi-wooded, as opposed to the 5 acres of flat hot concrete of most waterparks. Looks like it still may be that way.

Six Flags (Great Adventure) in NJ, while not as good a water attraction as Dorney in PA, has the bonus of having some great rollercoasters and one of those drive-through safari zoos, if you'd also like to get in some screams and watch baboons steal your windshield wipers.
(If you're THAT kind of 30ish, make sure to use the sky gondola that takes you from one end of the park to the other - if it hasn't changed, it's almost exactly one sneakily consumed joint long.)
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I wouldn't attempt to identify any "very best" water park, but consider the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos.
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