Griffin Amplifi power requirements
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I bought a Griffin Amplifi off Ebay sans power supply. It would seem to be the only product in the world with an AC to DC converter that doesn't specify what the voltage it uses is in the documentation, so that I can buy a generic universal power supply adapter. Anyone own one of these that could look on the power supply brick itself and see what the output is? Thanks.
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Call them tomorrow at: (615)-399-7000. They should be able to provide an answer.
Good luck.
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I'm confused.. This (second item down) uses a wall adapter? It looks more like it just plugs in the wall to me..

Anyway, once in a while I do run into devices that fail to document this detail. Technique for discovering the rating involves googling and searching ebay for any mention of the product in conjunction with the adapter it uses. Google, because people have often already asked the question in an online forum, and sometimes an online retailer or review site includes more detailed specifications than the manufacturer. Ebay because you'll find that a seller will sometimes include a close up pic of the adapter, or that a seller is offering an exact replacement adapter for sale.

So far all I've noticed is indication that it works off of 100-240V, which means it uses a switch mode power supply, but that doesn't really tell us anything useful yet..

Could you post a picture of the nameplate on the bottom (or, any text on the unit of any kind) as well as the DC adapter?

On further review.. Here are some more pictures of the product (including a pic of the DC jack port).
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Here's a pic showing the adapter.. Still no love though.
Glad to hear you got it off ebay, MSRP seems a little high :P
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And just for completeness, the griffin support page for amplifi (probably should have been included in the question). Griffin really, really wants you to buy a replacement from them, I guess..

Since it is a switch mode power supply type adapter, you should replace it with the same type. To determine the voltage, all you need to do is stick a volt meter on the output plug (this doesn't work with the transformer type adapter because the reading will be too high). And again because it is a switch mode power supply type, the current rating isn't very critical - it has to be enough for regular operation, but too high a rating won't cause damage.

You can also open the unit up and look for integrated circuits that might hint at the required voltage, but that isn't really a recommended approach. It is completely safe for you, but it may not be safe for the product.

At this point, I give up..
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Response by poster: (For the benefit of any future searchers for info on the topic,) I just spoke with Griffin and they told me the unit ran on 17V 2300 milliamp DC current.
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