How do I export everything from Palm Desktop?
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I want to get away from Palm Desktop.

I started using a Handspring Visor back in 1999. I synced it with Palm Desktop for several years, until I got tired of carrying the Visor. Since 2003 or so I have just kept Palm Desktop installed on my laptop and looked up dates and addresses when I needed them. I am tired of doing this, since I no longer carry the visor or use the software for anything else.

I am currently running Palm Desktop v4.0.1.

I would like to move all my info to an easy-to-use, preferably freeware or inexpensive shareware application.

I may move some of the info into Outlook or Gmail.

I saw this post, but I want to go to a new application and don't have a Treo to sync with.

So now the question:
How do I export all of the addresses and dates out of Palm Desktop, and where do I send them? Is there a way I can export the whole db to excel or something, where it will be easier to work with?
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If you're interested in exporting your Palm calendar to Google, you can might be able to use the free evaluation copy of CompanionLink for Google.. It doesn't do addresses though.

I bought the program so I can sync my Palm Pilot to iCal on my Mac and iPod Touch (Pilot<>Palm Desktop<>Google Calendar<>Plaxo<>iCal<>iPod Touch)
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It's possible to import vCard files into Thunderbird address book.
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Response by poster: Yavsy, is there a way to export all of my contacts at once from Palm Desktop?
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  1. View > Contacts
  2. Edit > Select All
  3. File > Export vCard OR File > Export

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