On the hunt for the tantalising and elusive French Croissant
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Recommendations for French Cooking courses in London or Paris?

I'm taking a year off work, and one of my self improvement goals during this period is to markedly improve my cooking skills. I cooked in a diner while taking my undergraduate degree, make all our meals at home and don't have too much of a problem with a range of baked goods - e.g., breads, cakes, cookies or muffins - but French croissants are (still) frustrating me somewhat.

Thanks to folks taking the time to answer my previous question, I've managed to improve my product somewhat, but my croissants are still noticeably flat compared to bakery offerings, lacking lightness and distinct, multiple layers i.e., some of my layers collapse into each other.

I'm aware there are different styles for learning, and it would appear I'll have to see the process of croissant banking in order to reach my goal. I've watched several videos which were interesting & helpful, but I'm apparently lacking critical feedback on technique which would help me markedly improve my croissants. As my Grandmaw taught me to cook at a very young age, I undoubtedly acquired more basic cooking skills the same way.

Can anyone recommend a French pastry course, preferably lasting one week or less, in London? Paris would be acceptable as well, and while I realise this would sharply increase the range of courses available, would have to be taught in English.

Many thanks!
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Whoops! "...and it would appear I'll have to see the process of croissant baking in order to ..."

Apologies: I'm a banker, not a baker, and those typing fingers have a mind of their own sometimes ...
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I believe Le Cordon Bleu has a nice variety of classes in both London & Paris. Perhaps their Patisserie 2 day course?
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I'll have to see the process of croissant banking...

I thought you were taking a year off?
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