Gov't RFP Sites?
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What US governmental RFP sites are worth the time/money - or do you know of any free ones that are not impossible to search?

I've recently joined a small (but highly capable) market research firm, and we're looking to expand into bidding for governmental contracts.

Searching turns up subscription sites such as Find RFP, bidnet, and There is also the next-to-impossible-to-use FedBizOps (the official, free site sponsored by the USofA itself and any hints on using that beast of a site would also be most appreciated). I'm sure there are more sites like these.

So which one's of these - or other sites - don't just push tons of inappropriate RFPs to your inbox? Which ones have a decent signal to noise ratio? And which ones have search functionality designed by someone who speaks a a language similar to English?
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FedBizOps just recently (like a month ago) got a new interface and is much easier to use. FBO has a new search engine that allows you to search by FSC, old NAICS code (I forget what it is called now), branch of service, set-aside, etc. I'm a Government type and I've been using it for years to see who is trying to cherry-pick my business.
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SITIS provides access to a large number of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants. Most Department of Defense agencies release Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs) rather than RFPs. Here is the DARPA BAA page.

As for lowering the signal to noise ratio there aren't too many tools I know of in the DoD space. The best approach is to find a directorate that does work in the area you are interested in and follow their announcements. My approach is to skim all of the announcements until I find something that sounds good and then read the solicitation in depth.
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