DVD Slideshow recommendations?
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Can anyone recommend a good DVD Slideshow software download?

I have about ONE MEEEELION photos that I need to burn onto DVDs. I want to make some slideshows with background music, and I have tried a few that basically sucked. The problem always seems to be: when I go to add music onto the movie, it just plain doesnt work. I think its something to do with iTunes music, it will not use it, but thats the only place I have music, on iTunes.... anyway, I need some help..

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Assuming you are on XP - Windows Movie Maker, which you already own, will work just fine. You'll have to convert the music to MP3 or WMA first though, it won't work with the DRM'ed files in iTunes.
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Photostory 3 would do this and it's free....or

Wondershare Photostory (free today only)
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