How can I find a gay-friendly doctor?
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How can I find a gay-friendly doctor in my area?
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You can try contacting your local LGBT community organisation for recommendations.
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Check out the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association which offers a Physician Referral Database.
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Seconding GLMA. If there's no one in your area in the database, give them a call and see if they can connect you to someone who might know.
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On the off chance you are in Seattle, the office I go to ( One Sky Wellness Associates ) advertises as being gay-friendly. Can't say I have any first-hand knowledge as such but they are certainly good doctors. And, despite the name, are not a bunch of hippie "naturopaths" or other such bullshit.
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For sake of ignorance -- what does one expect when they enlist the services of a "gay-friendly doctor" compared to a normal doctor? Is it just a doctor who doesn't give you the hairy eyeball when you say your gay, or refuse to treat you?
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Check to see if there a Pink Pages in your area. Where are you?

SirStan-- a gay friendly doctor is a doctor who knows enough about gay issues that he or she can ask you pertinent questions in a non-judgmental way so you can be honest about your behavior. My gay doctor insists I get tested for HIV and Hepatitis yearly, even though I'm in a monogamous relationship. Why is this important? Most people hide things from their doctors. A lot of gay men are shy about asking about risk taking. I know I can ask my doctor about anything and he'll give me an answer. But she'll ask me questions anyway, just to make sure that I'm not hiding anything that I'm afraid to bring up.

I've had str8 doctors who would do this, but few who would pursue with questions that may be uncomfortable for people who are sexually adventuresome.

Think of it this way. Imagine how uncomfortable it was for a sexually active woman, or a woman who was married to a sexually adventuresome male, to ask questions of a GP in the 1950s. My mom would have been terrified to ask for a routine std exam. The more your doctor knows about you and the behaviors you engage in, the better he or she can anticipate risks you might be taking and confront you with difficult questions in a non-threatening way.
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ask lgbt friends/acquaintances(?) for recommendations, if you haven't already.
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