Ipod + music + metronome = Steady Runner
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How do I layer a metronome over music on my Ipod?

I like to use a clip on metronome to keep my cadence steady while I run. However, the clip is annoying to me and the shrill beep is probably annoying other runners and people trying to enjoy the park. I'd like to layer a metronome over the music on my Ipod, but I don't want to rerecord everything. Also, I'd love to have the tempo be variable between 80 and 100 beats per minute.

I prefer to run with my Gen1 Ipod shuffle, but I have a 60gb video one too.

Any suggestions on how to make this happen?
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The only way I can think of would be to import the music you usually run to into Audacity (free music-recording program, just Google it) and you can overlay a click track. Audacity would let you decide bpm beats per measure and how many measures. You would have to do this for every song though and re-export the songs and put them on your iPod. So it's not too practical and would take a while.
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Doesn't the music keep you on beat? I don't quite understand why you would need a click track in addition to the music.

However, if you have a friend with a higher-end recording system (Protools, etc), they can probably beat-map out your tunes and insert a click on them without too much fuss. The click tone can be altered to something less obnoxious, too.

You may need to bribe them with beer or something.
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To Aquaman's question as to why I need the metronome - Music beats vary. You can buy cardio remix tracks at specific BPMs which limit, but not eliminate, the variation. The remixes are generally pretty bad and listening to music at precisely the same BPM over a long run gets boring.

The metronome is to set my cadence. For maximum energy efficiency I should have a foot hit the ground in a steady rhythm. If you're doing a short run (say under 10 miles), then cadence efficiency isn't terribly important. At marathon or ultramarathon distance, efficiency is the difference between finishing the event and hopping on a sag wagon.

Music is great for motivation, but lousy for cadence.

I may need to make friends with someone with some better recording tools - and buy them beer.
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Oh, and thanks Aquaman and Deflagro . Any more suggestions?
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Music is great for motivation, but lousy for cadence.

I always thought it would be a pretty cool feature for a next gen ipod to allow you to speed up or slow down a track to match your cadence. I always find myself running slightly faster or slower than what is natural, because the song isn't the right BPM. It could even be integrated with the Nike+ so that you could either set your cadence manually, or it could automatically follow your as you run.

Is there any music player (perhaps with a aftermarket firmware update) that can do anything like this?
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