Is a blackberry still useful without a data plan?
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Is a blackberry still useful without a data plan? I have credit toward a phone upgrade on sprint and can get a blackberry for free. My main use for it is text messaging, syncronizing contacts and calendar with my Mac (using missing sync) and Bible software. I don't actually need email or web. In order to get it for free I have to sign up for a data plan which costs $39. I am willing to do that for a month and then cancel if I can. Will the blackberry still be able to do all the things I need without a data plan? Thanks
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Well, make sure you actually can cancel, they may want you to keep paying that $39 for the whole contract term.
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I use a BlackBerry Curve on a pay-as-you-go plan (telephone only, no data). I sync it with GMail and Google Calendar and check my e-mail over wifi, to which I have nearly unlimited access in a university town. It is great as a phone, and if you get one with a full QWERTY keyboard (like a Curve, 8800-series, 7290, etc.) you will be able to cut down on little slips of paper like shopping lists and reminders because typing them in is such a breeze.

Seconding delmoi's caution about being able to cancel.
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The terms of the contract may also specify that if you cancel that plan within X amount of time, you have to pay $wholelottamoola for the phone.

I think you can still use it for SMS, but you'd have to pay per message, which can get pricey. Read the contract very carefully before you sign up.
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Ask alltel before you purchase.

If they are like Verizon then you cannot drop the BB data plan as it is built into the contract.
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I looked into doing that with Cingular and you had to keep a data plan for 3 months. Plus once you get them in your hand, those keys are pretty damn small. I could text better on a regular non-qwerty phone. And even though they're skinny they're still pretty wide so that's pretty good sized to go in your pocket.
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I like the Blackberry for the qwerty keyboard. It is leaps and bounds faster compared to typing on a numeric key-pad, which counts if you do a great deal of text messaging.
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It will do all of that and more without a data plan. I've heard from my bible reading friends that this is a good free reader, and that you can get a free version of the actual text here, with options to pay for other translations if you want.
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I used my Blackberry for all of that and note-taking, but not Bible software (but I'm sure you can get some that will update its data over sync), without a data plan. The only problem was that, after a few months of use and a lot of "if only I could also...", I wound up adding the data plan anyway. It is fine without it, but so much better with it.

Of course, now that I have a Blackberry Pearl with data, I wish I could go back and buy either a full keyboard BB, or better still, an iPhone.

So I guess my suggestion would be to wait for iPhone 2.0 and buy that instead. You wanted to spend $600 plus $70 a month, right?
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