How to sell photos online?
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I'd like to create a stock photo service for a client. Does anyone have any recommendations for existing services such as or those that focus on selling digital content such as or the now defunct Is there a leader in this marketplace?

My main priority is speed and not cost, so using an existing web service would be greatly appreciated. I'm also debating putting a Wordpress front end that would point to content hosted by one of those (or other) sites.
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Have you tried
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Best answer: is favored among seasoned photographers. I've been with them for several years now and have been totally satisfied. Great customer service. It is all set up to sell digital downloads. You can customize your database to fit your site if you have the inclination.

Caveat: you must do your own marketing.

I would be helpful to know a little more about what kind of images your client wants to sell and who his customers are.
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