I prefer "the people's guitar."
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Can I actually play my toy guitar?

I bought a really boss toy guitar that I can't seem to tune. The pegs keep unwinding when I try to tune up. I'll turn them to tighten the strings (which I think are cheap nylon) but they won't stay. Can I replace the strings with "real" ones or do something to get it in tune? Or is it really not meant to be used to play "Ring of Fire" at potlucks?
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"... Can I replace the strings with "real" ones or do something to get it in tune? ..."

I doubt it could stand classical guitar strings. You might get away with ukelele strings. I wouldn't try to put it in standard guitar tune, either; maybe go a fifth down from standard tuning, to reduce the bridge stress. You might try carefully tightening the tuning peg nuts, to keep them from slipping.
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Tune it to where it wants to be, not where you want it.

Find a low "E" analogue sound that the toy WILL hold; tune the other strings to that note. Hopefully, you can find a key (ish) that will harmonize with your voice and/or any other instruments.

Toy instruments can make fine music, but you'd be happiest if you use it within the toy-tolerances, and not put a lot of strain on it. You could force a tuning, but it'll probably break.

I bet you'll get a lot of fun from the toy guitar. (It does look boss, btw.)
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I would expect that you'd need to replace the tuners to get it to stay in tune. You can get a decent set pretty cheaply (ten bucks) and if you want to pay someone else to replace them, your local music store will probably do it for the minimum labour charge.
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Any new set of strings will continually fall out of tune when you first try to tune them (a lot for a few minutes, and somewhat for quite a long time), so you may want to check that you're not just being impatient. Sorry to condescend if you're already a stringed instrument player.
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