Things to do in Rostock when you're heavy
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Can anybody give me some ideas for fun things to do in and around Rostock, Germany? My other half wants to do a one-week course at the end of July and I'm thinking about tagging along for the trip and need to keep myself entertained during the days.

A few extra details: I'll have access to a car so day-trips are no problem, I speak basic German (shops, directions, etc.) and will be pretty pregnant (about 7 1/2 months). I like cultural-type stuff and culinary adventures; not so keen getting over-heated lying on the beach all day or bars/nightlife (for obvious reasons).

Can any local Mefites hope me?
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the wikipedia article gives lots of nice information (I didn't read through it all, sorry, but it does seem lengthy!)

Also, it seems like Berlin would be within a fairly easy day trip distance... Berlin is far and beyond my favourite city in the world as of yet, and would be well worth the visit (although you might end up wanting to stay there for longer than one day!)
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Take the gorgeous ferry trip to Gedser, Denmark. If you want to go farther, you can find calm beaches with shallow waters around Nykøbing Falster.

Or, yeah, head south to Berlin. Might be a little far, but worth it.
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Heiligendamm is right next door.
Rügen incl. Prora and Jasmund Nationalpark.
A ferry trip to Fehmarn perhaps?
Lübeck is also quite interesting historically, and Hamburg is only about 90mins drive away.
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Second much of what C.Wam said. But Hamburg might be a bit much to "do" in a day, ditto Berlin and Denmark.

Go to nearby Stralsund and Wismar, their historic centres are UNESCO sites. Schwerin Castle is one of North Germany's best, the town and cathedral are good too. You'll be in the former East Germany, as I'm sure you know, but perversly it was actually chronic underinvestment during the DDR which has left the area you're going to remarkably well preserved; expecially as regards vernacular architecture. For precisely this reason this area is, in my opinion, one of Germany's best kept secrets. You may even find that it is slightly cheaper than else where. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or (Mecklenburg and Lower Pomerania if you like), is the poorest, least populated state in Germany. But it was also the home an inspiration of Caspar David Friedrich, the great Romantic Painter.

This does not go for Lubeck, which (justifiably) is very touristy and was in West Germany

Food wise, look out for the "Ratskeller" located under the town hall, it will often be the best restaurant in town; fish, fish and more fish is local. All though standard sausage and beer type fare is, of course, very common too. Avoid "home grown" German fast food, as it tends to be very salty and the meat of low quality. However, in general, the standard of food in restaurants will be good.
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Oh sorry, head to the Griefswald Museum for more info on Friedrich.
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Response by poster: Many thanks to all for the really helpful answers - with so much to do, I'm really looking forward to my trip now!

Not sure if I'll get as far as Berlin, but the other trips look fascinating.

Thanks once again.
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