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Where can I sell some vinyl records in Austin or San Antonio?

I have a stack of records from the late 70s and early 80s that I'm ready to part with, and I've heard there is actually demand for these recently. Any idea where I could sell them in Austin or San Antonio?
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Best answer: i know Half Priced Books Stores will buy them... dunno what kind of price you can get at a place like that though...
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Best answer: Go to Cheapo Disks in Austin.
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Best answer: You'll get more for them if you sell them directly, but that is time-consuming.

If you have anything punk, indie, private press, or otherwise that you suspect might be rare, do a little research on GEMM before you load up to go to the store.

(For info on how records are graded, google "Goldmine record grading".)
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Waterloo Records at 6th and Lamar. Avoid Half Priced. Great place to buy but outright insulting what they offer you to sell.
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