Marble run - marble = ?
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We ate at Sonic last night and got a cool kids toy that consisted of marble run type pieces with magnetic backs for fridge use. However, instead of a marble, it had a wheel that rides the rails. My son has a birthday at the end of June and I would like to get a large set of these. I can only find the type with marbles, no good in my house. Where can I find the wheel type fridge roller coaster that will keep a 6 and 2 year old busy for hours?
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Check the toy package for a brand name (usually in small print somewhere) - e.g. "Made especially for Sonic by Mattel." If you know what company makes the toy, you could search their website for a larger set. Or maybe call the Sonic manager and asks if he/she knows. Or perhaps contact Sonic directly through their toll-free number.
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Searching google for "fridge toy track magnet marble" brings up Frigits, which indeed seem to be what you are after. You can buy them on Amazon.

What a cool toy. I had a set of marble tracks as a kid and I absolutely loved them. I wish I still had them, in fact. Maybe I'll buy some of these.
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It`s not Frigits. As the OP said, it`s not a marble track. It`s a wheel-and-rail track.
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you're right. i somehow thought she was looking for marble runs that went on the fridge as opposed to marble runs that were free-standing.
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See if the Sonic manager is amenable to selling you multiples. I have coworkers who collect Star Wars stuff, and when the last movie came out a few years ago, they chatted up the Burger King managers in the area so that they could ensure that they would get all 30 (or more) of the SW-related toys.
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It sounds like this Sonic Wacky Pack Flavor Track toy, there's a few of them on Ebay but I couldn't find a mention anywhere else.

This was on the second page of results for googling 'sonic wacky pack toy fridge track', in case you want to look around more.
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