The Great Nina Simone
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If you could only own one of Nina Simone's albums (not a "best of"), what would it be?

While looking around for good music to play on this lazy Saturday, I realized that although I love Nina Simone, all I have is a fairly contrived "best of" album of hers from France. I'm interested in getting more of her catalog as it was released. Where would you suggest I start?
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Nina Simone - Anthology

Nina Simone - Nina Simone Sings the Blues

The blues one is one of my favorites, but I love the blues.
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Seconding Nina Simone Sings the Blues
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I don't know how you could only own one Nina Simone album and be satisfied, but I'd go with just about any of the ones she did for RCA. These have all been released by Camden Deluxe in the UK as two-for-one CDs, and they're not expensive. In addition to that, I'd definitely get "Tell It Like It Is: Rarities & Unreleased Recordings 1967 to 1973," which covers this same period and collects a lot of single-only and previously unreleased stuff. If you go the UK route, you can easily get nearly everything she did on RCA (some of it is available in somewhat reconfigured American releases, but these skip a lot). To me it's her best period - really soulful and political and cool.
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Little Girl Blue.
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What about a single-disc CD reissue that contains two albums? If that's okay, get the Forbidden Fruit/At Newport reissue.

Otherwise, I'll nth Nina Simone Sings The Blues. (As a rule of thumb, any album with the title X Sings the Blues, or X Plays the Blues, or X's Blues, or something along those lines, is at least worth hearing.)

That said, though, if you like Nina Simone it would be hard (but not impossible) to go wrong with any of 'em. I share your distaste for compilations and best-ofs and whatnot, but the Four Women set, detailing her Phillips years, is very, very good.
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I'd recommend getting one of her live albums. Destiny, which came out recently, is essentially a reissue of her Live and Kickin' live album and should be easy to find. But any of her live albums is a treasure.
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Another vote for 'Sings the Blues'.
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Little Girl Blue.
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I love "Sings the Blues" as well, that was the first album of hers I got aside from best-of..
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I love the recordings of her live performances.
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I'd get "Tears of the stranger moon - Studio Recordings from London", which is only available as an LP (my friend owns this album and I heard it just once), it was her best work, even if a bit rough cut.
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