Setting hotkey in WinXP for adding 2nd monitor.
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XP: I'd like a shortcut or hotkey that will instantly do what Control Panel > Display Properties > Settings > Select Monitor 2 > Extend my Windows Desktop (etc) does. [come inside, y'all, if you like]

I know I can get straight to that particular tab in Display Properties with the command or shortcut:
... but there is then still the need to click a few things. I turn this option on and off quite frequently depending what I'm doing, and it would be nice to have it instant. Lazy, huh?
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Maybe you could use something like PowerStrip and bind a certain profile to a HotKey. Bit of a dirty solution though, granted.
posted by ed\26h at 3:52 PM on August 6, 2004

What kind of video card to you have? I'm pretty sure ATI cards/software have precisely this feature.
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And here I came into the thread hot to show you that command. Anyhow, make a shortcut of that command you posted and place it somewhere unobtrusive in the Start Menu. Right-Click/Properties/Shortcut Key will do the trick.
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Response by poster: Ah, yes: but I want to get further than just showing that bit of the display properties. I want the shortcut or shortcut key to automatically select monitor 2 and then extend the windows desktop to it... So one click and poof - second monitor with exended desktop!
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I use a program called UltraMon for exactly this. It puts a taskbar notification icon next to the clock that you can double-click to enable/disable all monitors but the primary.
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This is very useful m-bandy and humuhumu, thanks! I constantly switch display profiles when docking/undocking my laptop and these tips will speed it up a lot.
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