Skinny ties in Austin
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Where can you get skinny ties in Austin?
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Best answer: Urban Outfitters; anyplace that sells Penguin ties (perhaps Macy's).
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If you don't mind spending some real cash, you could buy Hermes ties off of eBay. I like the whimsical patterns of some of the ties, and they're SUCH high quality that they'll be wearable for years, whereas I've been disappointed with the quality of Penguin and other brands of skinnier ties in the past.
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Ebay has loads of options, at the bottom of this Beatles clothing site they have some nice ones, and Atom Retro is always a great place to go for mod inspired clothing. Although I don't know what sort of skinny tie you are after and am not from Austin so couldn't tell you of a store in your area specfically, those would be my best bets.
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Best answer: If you don't mind vintage, I've seen a large selection at a Room Service on North Loop and a few at La Luz on South 1st.
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There's also two craft collectives, that may or may not have them. It may be worth a shot to give them a call. However, if they don't carry them it's possible they could reference you to a local artist/crafter who could whip one up for you. I'd offer but am in the midst of moving and my sewing supplies are in storage. Check out Parts & Labor and Moxie & the Compund
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Thrift stores? Budget for dry cleaning.
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