Camping near Austin, TX
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What are some of the best places to camp around Austin, TX?

I'm trying to plan a camping trip with a few friends for the end of June. I would prefer somewhere where we can camp right next to a river.

My favorite place to camp, Little Arkansas in Wimberley, has apparently been shut down for several years now.

I would prefer something small and family owned, but am o.k. with a state park as long as it doesn't feel too crowded.

Any suggestions? My camping hey-days were spent at the university campgrounds for my old college and Little Arkansas, and I feel a bit out of the loop now.

I'm willing to drive an hour or so if need be.
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I just got back from Bastrop State Park - it was nice - make sure you bring enough water if you go on that long hike.
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Pedernales Falls State Park

It is fairly crowded on weekends, but there are remote sites that you can hike into (about 2 mies from the car).
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I don't have any suggestions, but I do have an anti-suggestion. For the love of god, stay far far away from Mother Neff. It's probably the dankiest, ugliest place I've ever seen -- most of the trees are rotting -- and it was completely overrun with these huge spiders. Bugs are a given when camping, but I mean there were a couple of these in every square feet. It was pretty surreal, like watching a scene of a campsite in a horror movie.
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i love pace bend. it's cheap, on the water, and alcohol is ok. county parks in general are pretty great.
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Nthing Pace Bend. If you're willing to drive a little less than 3 hrs, Lost Maples is really nice.
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Texas is rife with state parks, some are pretty fantastic. I can recommend Palmetto State park. Though small, there's fishing and doesn't see a lot of traffic.

Too, its easy to find a VERY secluded camping spot in the Sam Houston National Forest. No river access, but Lake Conroe is close.
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Never camped there, but Enchanted Rock is very cool.
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