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What are some great animated halloween classics appropriate for the teen set?

My girlfriend is a youth services librarian and is planning teen programs for the rest of the year. For Halloween she initially thought of having a Tim Burton themed Halloween viewing party. Turns out the district doesn't have the rights to have a viewing of Nightmare Before Christmas. However, she can show Corpse Bride. So, she's looking for other animated Halloween classics to fill out the party. Unfortunately, The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" series can't be shown due to rights issues. Halloween themed "Classic" Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies are also out due age level and various social issues (including racism and stereotyping.)

What else can you recommend to make for a great Halloween Movie Party for a bunch of teens hanging out at the library?
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Well I would recommend 'The Halloween Tree', by Ray Bradbury as the quintessential Halloween story. The link is to an animated film which I have not seen so I cannot comment as to quality or faithfullness to the story. I have read the story to youngsters in the past and not only was it well received, but is also a fine piece of literature. IMHO Ray Bradbury is the Charles Dickens of our generation(s). Just my two pence.
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Of course I should have provided the link, sorry.
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Young Frankenstein
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What about Ernest Scared Stupid? As a teenager I thought it was pretty dang funny - very innocent and a little scary fun with a lovable ignoramus (Ernest) and his smart dog. The kids will either think it is lots of fun or mock it and have fun doing that, too. Probably both.
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I really liked Monster House and didn't think it played too young. The last 20 minutes or so was one of the best action scenes I watched in quite a while.
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The Charlie Brown Halloween special.
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My one suggestion was proposed in the first comment, so there you go. Ray Bradbury and Leonard Nimoy.
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Its not animated, but "The Worst WItch" starring Fairuza Balk and Tim Curry circa 1986 is a real hoot and one of my favorite childhood movies. Totally cheezy, bad special effects, songs, sort of early-harry-potter school for witches.
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How about the Rankin/Bass classic, Mad Monster Party? [Amazon link, Wikipedia link]. It utilizes the same stop-motion animation as the more familiar Rankin/Bass Christmas specials (The Year Without A Santa Claus, etc.), and the Wikipedia link even says that the look of this film influenced Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, so maybe it would go well as a double-feature with Corpse Bride.
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