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I'm looking for flea markets in Europe. Specifically we will be going through Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia (Sarajevo), Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland (Krakow) before settling in France, but any other suggestions in Europe are welcome.

I'm interested in the kind of flea markets with old, random crap, not the new, cheap crap. I've been to the flea market outside Budapest on Nagykőrösi út and loved all the old nick nacks.

Please be as specific as possible about addresses. If I get a lot of answers I'll put together a Google Map for sharing.
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You'll be skirting all around, but not into, Bulgaria. It has a great flea market in the heart of Sofia - really close to both the airport and train station, and also right by several public transport stops. It's really easy to find - it's basically in the shadow of the famous Aleksander Nevski Cathedral. It's the most famous structure in Bulgaria and this market has tons of really great Soviet era trinkets and odd & ends, mostly Commie related. Plus lots of old cameras, instruments, paintings, shopkas, flasks, coins, etc.
It's easy to get a great deal if you can haggle in Bulgarian. But the stuff, considering it's history and actual out-of-Bulgaria value, seems to be really well priced in the first place.
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Well, Germany isn't on your list, but this site mentions a few in Berlin that sound good. My brother, a flea market hound, says Berlin's offerings are pretty spectacular.
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Check out Plac Nowy on the weekend in Krakow's Kazimierz district.
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re Krakow:
much, much, much more interesting than Plac Nowy is the sunday flea-market near where Dietla (street) turns into Grzegorzecka, 5-10 minutes east (by foot) of the old town.

there's an amazing, vast market in Riga, Lativa - among the largest in Europe. Much of it is taken up with produce, etc, but it's still one of the most fascinating wandering experiences of my life. four airplane hangars-full, and then hundreds of stalls around that. just behind the bus station.
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