Princeton old-school Italian?
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Princeton, NJ area mefites: What would you recommend for the best independent red-sauce Italian/pizza place?
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For starters, you couldn't go wrong with Old World on Nassau St. Their pies are traditional Italian, thin, and best eaten fresh.

You might want to read this guy, who has an amusing (if a bit dated) take on the local eating scene.
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I really like Magma Pizza. Its on the Lawrenceville side of Princeton by the mall.
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Seconding Old World. Their pizza is fantastic.
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If you're willing to drive a bit, go to De Lorenzo's in Trenton. Make sure you go to the Hudson Street one and either call ahead or get there 30 minutes before they open. There's almost no seating, no restrooms, and no place to wait out of the weather. Also, if you don't order before 5 on a Friday, forget about it because they've sold out by then. But, the pie is unsurpassed.
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Old World in Princeton, or as qldaddy says come down to T'town!
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De Lorenzo's. Worth the drive & wait.
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Old World is terrific (best pizza in Princeton) but not a sit-down kind of place. If you're looking for a restaurant, try Conte's near the hospital, or Theresa's (if it's still open) in Palmer square.
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Pizza Star in the Shopping Center is also top-notch (and they have a large non-pizza menu) but its not very homey.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input! Plans have been canceled, but I'll keep these in mind for next time.
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