Bono, is that you?
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What is the song played at the end of this recent episode of the Travel with Rick Steves radio show/podcast on Dublin? The singer sounds very much like a young Bono, but the music does not sound like that of U2.

The song starts at about 50:35 into the broadcast, or about 1:10 before the end. If it were part of the official U2 catalog I'm pretty sure I would recognize it. A search of the Rick Steves web site didn't provide any details. Perhaps it's a one-off thing Bono guested on? Anyone?
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Best answer: That's another Irish group called Clannad. Bono "guest-appeared" on some of their songs. If I'm guessing correctly, that particular song is called "In A Lifetime" and can be found on the album linked above.

Incidentally, Enya was once a part of that group as well before she started her solo career.
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Incidentally, I'm not sure why I italicized the last sentence on the above comment.
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Response by poster: You're quite right - it is In A Lifetime. I am somewhat familiar with Clannad but somehow had never heard this song.

For the interested, the video - and Bono's enormous hair - is here. According to the video poster, it was shot in Northern Ireland and Bono had to duck down in the car while crossing the border, presumably to avoid being spotted by the IRA or the like. I don't know if that's true, but it's an interesting tale.
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For the interested, the video - and Bono's enormous hair - is here.

Tangent ahoy -- comic writer Neil Gaiman has said that part of the inspiration for the physical appearance of his character DREAM from the Sandman series was the way Bono looked in this very video.

....A factoid that probably affects everyone's life very little, but there it is.
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a little more info ... Enya was in the group very early on and her sister Moya Brennan still is...
and here is a list of songs Bono either helped produce or recorded with Clannad

1985 Macalla Album - Clannad (1985)
In a Lifetime Single - Clannad (1985)
The Collection Album - Clannad (1986)
In a Lifetime Single - Clannad (1989)
Past Present Album - Clannad (1989)
Anam Album - Clannad (1990)
Themes Album - Clannad (1995)
Rogha, the Best of Clannad Album - Clannad (1996)
In a Lifetime: The Ultimate Collection Album - Clannad (1997)
The Ultimate Collection Album - Clannad (1998)
Greatest Hits Album - Clannad (2000)
Magical Gathering Album - Clannad (2002)
The Best Of Album - Clannad (2002)
In a Lifetime (The Best of) Album - Clannad (2004)
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on further review I am thinking all of those listed above are recordings or re-recordings of the same song... sorry to be redundant...
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Another tangent. I've been to Enya's hometown in County Donegal and it's in the middle of nowhere. And her dad has a bar there and plays accordion and sings badly. (I didn't see that in person, saw it on a travel show after I came back).
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