Is there any way to just "listen" to the mic input on a PC?
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I've got a line running from my cable box to my laptop's mic input, and I just want to be able to listen to the TV as I'm doing other things on the PC. (This is primarily for night-time, when I'm using headphones to work/play on PC, and want to be able to listen to the TV next to my desk. With the phones on--even my nice "open-air" Sennheisers--the set needs to be on louder than I'd like for me to hear it.)

I know it's hooked up fine, because any of those little apps that let you record analog inputs will digitize the TV sound for me just fine. I don't want to digitize the sound, though--I just want to hear it. Surely, that can't be so hard?

I've tried _everything_ I can think of--settings in various control panels, seeing if third-party apps will just let me monitor the mic input, lots of Googling--and nothing. Any ideas?
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Double click on volume icon

option/properties/check "mic"

adjust volume on mic fader, make sure "mute" is unchecked

das it
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I think that all you need to do is this (assuming you're using windows):

Open the play control panel (the windows mixing board which you can probably find by double clicking the little grey loudspeaker icon on the taskbar).

Click options>properties

In the properties menu, make sure the box to the left of "Microphone" is checked off.

Go ahead and close the properties menu.

You should see a new Volume/Balance control in the main window. If it's muted, un-mute it. Adjust the volume as desired.

I hope this works.
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Response by poster: Thanks, but that's all I thought I had to do at first, too. I'm using XP, and that "Properties" dialog actually has a master set of radio buttons: "Playback" and "Recording". "Line In" appears as a "Playback" option (even though the laptop doesn't actually have a "Line In" jack), but "Microphone" only appears under "Recording". I've had that checked off (and unmuted) from the beginning, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. (The only other "Recording" input option is "Stereo Mix", and that doesn't work either.)

Like I said, though, I know the "Mic" input is working, since I can record from it just fine. I just can't figure out how to make it "play through".
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Response by poster: Aaaaahhhh!!! This is what I mean...

skallas, thanks so much for the suggestions, but I've looked into them, and unfortunately, they don't seem to work either:
- PGPfone is apparently not being distributed any more (the MIT site says "It's too old--give it up", and the download links on "" are apparently out of date)
- Goldwave costs $50, which I guess would be OK if I get really, really desperate, but it still requires you to actually be _recording_ the mic input to listen to it--I can't find a way to just monitor without digitizing
- CoolEdit is now Adobe Audition, and costs $300 (and also still apparently requires you to digitize to listen)

I really don't mean to be snarky--I very much appreciate the input--but this is just one of those things that's gotten under my skin. I just cannot believe that's it's this goddamn hard to do something this friggin' simple.
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AFAIK this is not a software issue, i.e.: you don't need a special app to listen to the sound from your mic or line-in. If your volume is configured properly, I can only think of a sound card problem. If you have a few bucks, pick up the cheapest sound card you can find, drop it into your box and see what happens.
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In other words, I disagree with skallas, but will gladly be proven wrong.
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If you don't mind using WinAmp, there's a plugin that will let you play back audio inputs. I've used it to bring in input from my XM radio before, so it should do the trick.
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On every sound card I've had (and I'll only buy Creative), you can have passthrough on everything (except on my old Sound Blaster 2 back in the early 90s). I'd second the 'get a proper soundcard' argument. I didn't realise you could even get cards that didn't do this nowadays.
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Response by poster: Hey, sysinfo, that WinAmp plug-in works great. There's a tiny bit of lag--as the sound is digitized, I presume--but it's totally livable, since the whole point is that I'm using this when I'm just keeping half an eye on the TV. Thanks!! (And while I can appreciate the suggestions on the sound card, I couldn't really imagine going that far--I have no qualms popping open a tower to replace a card, but cracking open a laptop is a whole 'nother thing.)

Thanks again for the input, everyone.
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