I'm looking for an old graphic novel.
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I'm looking for an old graphic novel.

It was released in either the late 70's, or early 80's and dealt with a spacecraft that fell to Earth in a forest, and the occupants where a giant-sized version of mankind. Their history mirrored that of Earth, and the story mainly revolved around two brothers. I distinctly remember a section of it mirroring the Roman era, complete with chariots and all. The art style was in the same vein as the old Eerie/Creepy (think old romance novel cover) comics, and it was in color. It was hardback and about an inch thick. Any ideas?
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Was it Gilgamesh II by Jim Starlin?

The story is a sci-fi retelling of the Gilgamesh myth, whith Gilgamesh and Enkidu being aliens who fall to earth. Gilgamesh (or the Gilgamesh character) is raised as a human and becomes the leader of a great nation-state, while the second alien falls to earth in a remote area and comes of age not knowing about humanity. It's been a long time since I last read it, so I can't give you any more specific info than that.
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Best answer: I think I know *exactly* what you're talking about. My best friend gave me a copy of it lots of years ago, but it (and the title) have vanished from my life :(

But the way I remember it is that the story starts with the giant aliens crashing on Earth, and they tell the story of their planet's history... the ENTIRE history (which makes up the rest of the book). If I remember right, there are actually three brothers who found the first society. It goes through an entire epic of how they (kind of rapidly) rose to a technological state and fought a massive war which is how these aliens ended up coming to Earth (I think they were the last survivors).

Amazing book, really. Big hard bound deal.

I'm forwarding this to my friend to see if he can remembers the title.
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Response by poster: Vertigo25, that sounds exactly like it.. please let me know if you find out, this has been bugging me for years.
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It's the Trigan Empire.
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Biffa got it!
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Response by poster: YES!

Thank you so much.
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