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Good local banks/credit unions in Oakland/East Bay?

After watching the constant BoA bashing on consumerist for the past couple weeks/months/years, I am beginning to look for another home for my money.

I haven't personally had any problems with BoA and LOVE the fact I can track everything online and manage all my accounts from one place. I have two savings accounts, a checking account, and credit card through them and would greatly prefer my new money home to have the same sort of capability and cross-connectivity.

I am not a student or a state or federal employee. Are there some good options to check out in Oakland?
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I left BoA for Patelco several years ago. I'm pretty happy with it. It's certainly much cheaper than banking with BoA.
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i was with USE Credit Union for many years, and have been a credit union member since my teens. USE has residency requirements that would match your East Bay preference, so don't be put off by "University" in the name. They always provided excellent service, tellers were prompt and accurate, I really can't recall any major problems with them, and in fact, I think they even credited me penalty fees on occasion even when I was probably at fault.
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If you work or live in the city or the north bay, you can join Redwood Credit Union. I love them. Once, I had this horrible day where Verizon was telling me I'd have to get Mastercard to help me, and Mastercard was telling me to get Verizon to help -- I was getting crushed between enormous corporations and waiting on hold for 20 minutes each time. And I also had to call Redwood Credit Union. After pressing 6 for customer service, a real person picked up on the second ring, no hold time at all. That is why I love them. Don't join! ;)
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A cuswirl search for Oakland credit unions returns four results. Member organizations usually act like affiliates for each other - no atm fees, deposits & withdrawals, etc.
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