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Can anyone point me to a vbulletin script that forces you to pass a quiz in order to use the forum?

A forum that I'm a member of is really starting to have problems with people not reading the rules. The other moderators and myself are getting annoyed by this, and we know that this is just something that fora generally have to deal with. So the idea right now is to have a thread that everyone has to read and a quiz that has to be passed in order to continue.

The read the thread part isn't being too much of an issue. But all I've been able to find so far for the quiz is this one. It seems to work, but if there is something that is a single hack install that would be even better.
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Answer a quiz in order to register? Easiest way with vBulletin is to create one or more custom user profile fields.
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Response by poster: Hmm, that's not what I was looking for but it would essentially serve the same purpose. I hadn't even thought about going that route.
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vBulletin is written in PHP, so if you have or know anybody with coding experience it shouldn't be too difficult to put together a script that will only display the registration forms after your quiz. You could probably find some free PHP quizzes fairly easily, in lieu of a specific vBulletin hack.

I'll do some Googling after work, see if I can come up with something easier than digging under vBulletin's hood.
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