What cartoon did I see?
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When I was a kid, I saw a cartoon that featured robot sex and Star Wars rip-offs. What was it?

I have an extremely vague memory of this cartoon. We're talking 1986-ish.

It was a feature length animation. There may have been two characters that were similar to R2-D2 and C3PO -- I'm pretty sure there was a golden robot at least.

The main character was very Han Solo-esque. He might have worn a cowboy hat, I think he stole spaceships.

The strongest, lasting memory I have of this film -- the one that made an impression on my six year old mind -- was of the Han Solo character trying to have sex with a pink android.

Does it ring any bells?
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Best answer: Starchaser?

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Response by poster: By the looks of it, it wasn't Starchaser.
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OK, but check out the wikipedia article regarding Star Wars.
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Response by poster: Actually, I think you were right. There are quite a few clips on YouTube.

Even at six years of age, I remember thinking, "This is just a blatant ripoff of Star Wars!"
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Ha ha! Awesome. I was given this on tape as a kid and being the honest, responsible young boy I was I told my parents it was full of sex and violence. They promptly threw it out, and my brothers promptly beat me up.
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I actually just watched Starchaser last week - Yeah, Starwars rip off with robots and sex kinda over sells it a bit, but I figure if your parents were a bit prudish then they might categorize it like this. I think sexist with the odd butt slap and sassy back talk is about as sexy as it gets though unless I really missed something when getting a beer.

If you loved it as a kid you'll love it now, but I suspect 80s cartoons are very much lost on kids today. (Can I word that in such a way so as not to sound old?!)

I kind of hope it isn't Starchaser since that means there is another starwars rip of 80s cartoon out there to watch. Personally, the bit that makes me remember it was "Giant robot head that eats rocks from the mines"
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