How can I fix my sunglasses?
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One of the lenses of my expensive pair of sunglasses keeps popping out. Can I fix this myself?

I bought them @ Sak's and I'm wondering if I should attempt to return them (bought them last year) or just try to glue them etc? Its very annoying and I'm afraid I'll lose the lens one of these days. Or should I write Prada and see if they'll just send me a replacement pair?
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Most glasses stores will heat up the frames and fix this for you for free.

Just this morning I brought a pair of glasses I bought at a high-end optometrist to Site for Sore Eyes and they heated them up and popped the lens back in for me for free.
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Basically, the frames need to be gently bent - eyeglass stores like For Eyes have a little tub of heated stuff (sometimes silicone beads, sometimes sand, etc) that they stick your glasses into then gently bend them back. I'd suggest taking them to the local eyeglass store and they'll do it for free.
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As of a month ago my glasses+lense and lense have been reunited. It has been FOUR YEARS!

So yes you will loose the darn thing! DON"T GLUE THEM!! (You'll loose the flex in them. What won't bend breaks.) You need to figure out why it's able to fall out. Mine had been crushed, and the little screw on the outer edge was pushed out of alignment so it couldn't hold the lense in place. The arm was a little worse for wear too, which didn't help matters any.

I don't know the style/ how they are constructed so that might not help but just look for any slight differences between the good side and the bad.

I would speak to them both anyway. But if it doesn't seem to be something you may have done (When did it start to happen??) -I would also see if other people may have had the same problem with that type of style, and mention that in those conversations ;)
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You have a couple of options. When I stepped on my Chanel sunglasses that were, thank god, in their case, the lenses popped out. I was able to just take them to a local optometrist and pay them $10 or so to put them back in. This might work for you, and I suspect that if you tried it they would tell you if there was something about your specific glasses that made it so they couldn't fix them. Also, I bet Saks would take them back, probably just for credit though. Generally the nicer stores have more flexible return policies, and it never hurts to ask (nicely) ;)

I think using glue on them is a very bad idea, and you're likely to have more luck with Saks, who would hope to keep your business, than Prada, who very likely doesn't care.
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