Anyone have any experience and thoughts to share about HLA, FASM, MASM32, and/or RadASM?
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I swore I wasn't gonna collect any more computer languages. Then I read up on HLA and installed it along with FASM, MASM32 and the really nice RadASM IDE -- and got pretty jazzed. Anyone have any experience and thoughts to share?
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Check out Iczelion's page if you haven't.
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i'm pretty sure there's a strongly typed assembly language out there. googling around i've found hbal (see the papers link for discussion) and dtal (just a paper) (dependent types are types whose, well, type, depends on their value in some way). i'm not sure either of those are what i was thinking of - it would have posted to lambda, but searching there finds nothing.
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Response by poster: andrew -- I'm not sure what you're getting at. Can you elaborate?
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i was just showing you some other related approaches that might be interesting.

have i misunderstood? you were excited by what i took to be various assembler-like languages/ides. i listed a couple more that are pushing the envelope in what we think of as assembly languages.
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Response by poster: Ahhh .. Thanx. I thought you were holding one over the other and couldn't quite grok why. You've posted several informed messages on computer issues in the past, so it tripped my radar. Thought I was missing something basic.

Since posting the initial message, I've had more of a chance to play with RadASM; I haven't settled on HLA. Though I find a great deal to recommend it, I've also played with straight Assembly using FASM, MASM32, NASM, and GoASM. Each has a strong community following I've thoroughly enjoyed jumping between them from within RadASM -- though I'll (no doubt) settle on one primarily.
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oh no, i don't enough to say one's better than another. hla looks interesting too and i haven't done any assembly programming in years (15 years ago, i guess, on Z80!). have fun...
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