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Why can't I connect to the internet when using the XP partition of my Macbook?

Ok, so I managed to successfully run windows XP on my Macbook, (running leopard) using BootCamp. Unfortunetly I can't seem to access the internet on the windows side of the partition, (which is vital since I have to varify my copy of XP). Any ideas what I might have done wrong or might I'll have to do to correct this?

The internet connecton is running through a router, but connectivity does not occur even when I plug the modem in directly. To be clear I have no problem connecting when using OS X.

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I assume you're talking about an external modem connected to your MacBook with an Ethernet cable. Right click My Computer, Management, Device Manager, Network Adapters. What is listed?
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Have you tried reinstalling the drivers on your Leopard disc? Just pop it in XP, and it should autorun. Or, browse inside the disc to find it.

Failing that, try a friend's internet. Network cards can be finicky creatures, and the driver that you have for it might be communicating in a way your router and modem don't like. I guess you could get a USB or expresscard adapter, but that's kinda expensive for what should be $0, and it makes a portable device somewhat less portable. Not acceptable in my book.

Oh, BTW, did you mean wireless internet? For wireless internet, try reinstalling the drivers like I said above. They didn't install right the first time through on my MacBook Pro, either. After reinstalling them, though, it worked perfectly.
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Have you considered virtualizing Windows XP using parallels or VMWare? Everything is configured automatically with 0 hassles, especially wireless internet.
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Response by poster: Sorry for the no replies. I managed to delete my entire hard drive. So internet conectivity is the least of my worries now. Thanks for the help. I'm leaning toward parallels
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