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What do I do with all these radishes?

So, the radishes in the garden have been coming up like mad and, aside from looking neat and being delicious in salads, we're kind of at a loss for what to do with them. So my question is a two-parter:

1. What to do with radishes besides salads?

2. Do you ever cook radishes (not daikons, just your average red radish)?
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They are pretty good pickled and I have had them as an open-faced sandwich--get a nice, crunchy bagette, some good sweet butter and kosher salt--slice the radishes thin, slice the bagette into thin rounds, butter, layer with radishes, salt to your taste--yum!
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1. I had a delicious sandwich the other day with smoked salmon, some kind of creamy mustardy sauce that could be approximated by mixing mustard and mayo with maybe some chopped hard boiled egg, sliced radishes, and capers on a baguette.

2. Yes, you can sauté them in butter and they are surprisingly good. It takes the bite out of them, too.
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Um, I mean the sauce would be mustard, mayo, and egg. The radishes and capers go on top. Sorry.
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Eat them raw with a teeny dash of salt on every bite.
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A late-spring hors d'oeuvre:

1 bowl of washed & trimmed radishes
1 crock or ramekin of unsalted butter
1 plate or other small dish of good, coarse sea salt

Dip radish in butter, then in salt. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat.
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Seconding pickled (with chiles!) Also, they make good salsa-scoopers, particularly salsa verde.
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Try roasting them as you would a baby turnip or other root vegetable? A quick Google on "roasted radishes" brings up a whole bunch (ouch, pun unintentional) of delicious-looking things. I hope I get radishes in my CSA box this week so I can try this roasted radish and goat cheese pie!
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Korean-Style Pickled Rads:

Three cups red rads.
Half cup rice vinegar.
Half cup apple-cider vinegar.
One teaspoon table salt.
Two tablespoons sugar.
Four tablespoons ginger-garlic paste.

Mix all together.
Marinate, covered overnight.

Tangy heaven!
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Wash them, throw them down the slaw chute of your food processor, add favorite salad dressing. Enjoy Radslaw :)
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Deep fried.

Dip in batter and deep fry. Serve with some piquant sauce.
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Learn to carve radish flowers as garnish!
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Braised Radishes
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Two of my favorite salads are Radish, Cucumber, Onion & Chickpea Salad with a Lemon-Parsley Dressing and Asparagus & Edamame Salad with Green Garlic. (Forgive self-linking.)
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I'm with cog_nate - I love raw radishes and munch them like potato chips if they're handy (which they were when I lived at home and my dad had a surplus of them in his garden). If you lived near me, I'd gladly take a few bushels of radishes off your hands. Since that's not possible, I suggest having relish trays for lunch/snacks during the upcoming warm months, and include a selection of raw veggies like cucumbers, green peppers, celery, carrots, scallions, cherry tomatoes, radishes and whatever else you like. Add a few dips (even something as simple as Ranch, bleu cheese and Green Goddess dressings) and you've got a healthy yet filling hot weather meal.
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Whoops, you expressly said "not salads." Apologies for the above.

How about including some in a blender gazpacho? They'd make it nice and zesty.
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Feel free to post salad recipes too. I was mostly just referring to the typical "sliced, on green salad" sort of application. The radish/cucumber/onion/chickpea salad looks really good.
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I know your pain.

I made these Bread-and-Butter radishes a couple weeks ago. They were pretty good, though some of the spicier radishes ended up tasting kind of turnipy.

Ignore the bit about them lasting 5 days in the fridge. Mine have been in there for 2 weeks and are still crisp.
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I like to slice them into rounds and add them to stir fries. The cooking mellows them but the crunch remains. They taste and feel like water chestnuts in a way.
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Radish sauerkraut!
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Raw with a side of lager. They're like beer nuts for my mom's side of the family.
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More ideas than you could possibly have radishes for at Tastespotting:

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I just made the Braised Radishes recipe that BlueSkies provided and I'm here to testify that it is scrumptious!
Can I get a witness?
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I had an excess of radishes last year. Occhiblu cubed them and sauteed them with their greens in a little bit of olive oil with garlic and sea salt. That was freaking delicious.
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Can I get a witness?

Amen! I made it too and they were fantastic.
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