Whats a good streaming source for Leopard?
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What is a good icecast source client for leopard?

So I have recently begun trivia contests on some irc channels where i will host whoever wants to play some music and people will guess the song. I host these on my vps that runs icecast/shoutcast right now. Unfortunately i have yet to find a good program that will take the sound from my sound card on my mac and send it to my server for other people to listen too. When i was on windows i used oddcast. Anyone know of a good program for this? Also it need to not tell everyone what song is playing.

bonus: i was having trouble googling this, if you find one that way let me know you search terms.
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Best answer: I use nicecast. Not free, but I spent an age trying the various mac options, and this allows you to capture the sound from your mac. If you can find it, there's also a piece of software called macAmpLite which may do what you want. It's a bitch to set up though. There are some instructions with other options here.
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Response by poster: i saw nicecast but it seemed it could only act as a server, i have a server i want to send my sound to it.
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You have your hosted server.
nicecast takes the sound from your local mac and transmits that to your local server where it is broadcast to those who listen.

I feel there's maybe some conflict of terminology here, but from what I can tell, nicecast will do what oddcast does.
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Nicecast can cast to a remote server as well. I did it for years.
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Response by poster: Alright I just hadn't found the external server part in nicecast. If nothing better/free pops up i guess i will buy it.
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For completeness, to add your external server,
1) Click Window --> Show Server
2) Make sure the drawer on this window is open (This is the little button at the top of the screen below where it says server)
3) Click [+] to add a new server.
4) Enter your server details.
5) Make sure that your new server is the one that has its radio button checked.
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