Rings on her finger and bells on her toes
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Please help me find this ring!

I love this ring but not the price. Do any of you know what I would call this sort of style when looking for it (my google searches of "edwardian ring" and "edwardian filigree ring" are just not cutting it) or where else I might find something similar? Short of printing out the picture and dragging it to every jeweler in town (Indianapolis), I'm not sure how else to find something similar to this.
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Look on etsy - there are many talented artisans on there that could make something for you. Etsy even has a section where you can explain what you're seeking, and the artisans will respond with a quote.

This shop has some that are similar - maybe they could help you out?
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Search for sterling silver engagement rings, or zirconia rings, and you'll start to see a lot of stuff in bridal collections. There are some great silver/white gold plate styles that match this pretty well.

Alternatively, try estate jewelers. Sometimes, you can get a scratched or costume version of this - the 60s and 70s produced some great similarly styled fakes.

Good luck!
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This is kind of similar.
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To be honest, that sort of filigree work is rather expensive if done by hand, especially in platinum. My usual suggestion in these threads is to recommend the jeweler who did our wedding rings and my wife's engagement ring (www.krikawa.com), who may have something that strikes your fancy.
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Find a jeweler that will do custom work and take it to them.
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On emitations they have a nice selection of Victorian, Tudor styled rings.
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Pyramid Collection has several Victorian/Tudor rings here.
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Topazery has some nice antique settings.
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Also, based on beezy's recommendation to look at estate sales - Ross Simons.
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