How to get iTunes to recognise an MP4 movie?
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iTunes thinks my MP4 movies are audio tracks, but I beg to differ. How to fix it?

I'm using the latest version of iTunes (7.6.4.) and it has suddenly stopped recognising MP4 videos as videos. It will play them as audio tracks, but there are no visuals.

I can view the videos using QuickTime, so the files haven't been corrupted. I wouldn't mind so much, but I want to watch the videos on my iPod, which can't be done now. The movies have all vanished from the movie section, and appear only as songs.

Does anyone know what's up, and how I can fix it?
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Double check they have the file extension .m4v indicating a video. Otherwise, back-up these videos, delete them from the iTunes library and re-add them.
posted by cgomez at 5:12 PM on May 21, 2008

You're a star - it's the file extension. Not sure how to change it though, renaming won't work and a quick Google doesn't offer much advice.

Hmmm something must have happened, as they can't have magically renamed themselves!
posted by different at 5:22 PM on May 21, 2008

And BTW I tried re-adding before posting my question, but no dice.
posted by different at 5:27 PM on May 21, 2008

Mac or PC? For PCs, go to Folder Options and uncheck hide known file extensions. You can then edit the extension.
posted by roomwithaview at 7:51 PM on May 21, 2008

Thanks so much people, that did the trick!
posted by different at 1:14 AM on May 22, 2008

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