Best store bought alfredo sauce
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Best store-bought Alfredo sauce?

Please reserve judgment :)
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This might not help, but if you have a Trader Joe's in your area they have a really good Alfredo in their frozen section. It comes in handy little pellet form so you can use however much you need. Still haven't found anything that comes close to touching homemade though.
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C'mon. Don't be afraid. Alfredo sauce has exactly five ingredients: parmesan, cream, butter, and white pepper. Maybe a little nutmeg. And that's it.

It's the easiest thing in the world to make.

So I'm going to ignore your question and tell you how to make the real thing.

Over medium low heat, melt a stick of butter in a small saucepan. Add a cup of heavy cream. Stir until the cream is warm. Begin adding grated parmesan, a little at a time, stirring constantly until it melts and is incorporated in the butter and cream. Keep adding and tasting and stirring until you like the flavor. Add some white pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Increase heat to medium and continue to stir.

Voila. Alfredo sauce.

Much better than anything you'll find in a jar.
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These guys speak true!
A terrifically forgiving and deeply satisfying dish.
(I like it over whole-wheat linguine...)
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Mod note: Okay, we've got our token "no, here's a recipe". Generally answering the question instead of ignoring from here on in would be good.
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(oh-- make sure to heat the bowl you combine the ingredients in, then add the pasta TO the sauce in the bowl, not vice versa.
oh, oh-- I like to add freshly steamed peas, about half a cup for extra yumminess.)
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I like Classico.
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Voting for Trader Joe's, but the stuff in the jar, not "pellets". Not sure how I feel about pellets as a food source.
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Haven't found one yet, but I can tell you not to waste your time on Barilla--it reminded me of tangy glue.
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I also like Classico.
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If I'm using store-bought alfredo, it comes from the refrigerator section (maybe it's psychological, but those types taste fresher, less chemical-y to me than the jarred kinds). Usually I buy Buitoni but have had good luck with other refrigerated brands.
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I agree with BitterOldPunk. I have lovingly lectured 3 people this week already on the virtues of making your own alfredo sauce. Buy a brick of fresh parmesan and it will last you for a loooong time. The initial $8-10 investment for a small wedge of the real stuff will be worth it. Don't buy the pre-shredded stuff, it molds super fast.
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Room-temperature Jar on a shelf Alfredo? Yeah, Classico. If you're lucky, your store will have one or more of their variants, each maned after a different city, IIRC; sundried tomato alfredo, 4-cheese, and roasted red pepper alfredo.

But yes, it's something you should learn to make for yourself. It can be impressive.
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If I'm at the regular grocery store I usually go with the Classico Garlic alfredo, but I think Trader Joe's jarred version is better. I usually add a little shaved parmesan or shredded romano on top for a bit more bite, and some fresh ground pepper.
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I prefer the classico too!
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We like the Classico 4-cheese around here.

say what you will about canned alfredo sauce, it causes less problems for a certain lactose-intolerant person in my life than the real thing, so we deal.
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melt a stick of butter in a small saucepan. Add a cup of heavy cream.

If you make it from scratch, it's so much harder to ignore how bad it is for you. Ignorance is bliss, in this case.

I'm another vote for classico, if you're going to buy it pre-made.
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Another vote for Classico. Actually liked it better than the Trader Joe's stuff.
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Classico Garlic Alfredo! I also like the Bertolli one, if you are looking for some dissent/variety/other options.
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The Buitoni alfredo isn't too bad. It's packaged in small tubs and found in the refrigerated section of your mega-mart. Their pesto is acceptable, as well.
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(Buitoni is waaay too salty for my taste, so I add nutmeg and a bit more cream. I find the store brands' consistency comparable to glue, so thinning it out a bit may help...)
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Nth-ing Classico's Alfredo Sauce. I also doctor it up with some extra butter, pepper and garlic powder to make it especially deadly delicious.
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I hope this doesn't count as a non-answer but I've found a number of Italian delis / catering establishments that sell their sauces in refrigerated or frozen containers.

Since you probably don't live near me, I can't give an exact recommendation except to check your local Italian delis before you hit the Classico. If you can find a good one, it's like striking gold.
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Sure it's easy to make and homemade is best... but we don't always have the time to work in the kitchen. And sometimes, you might just want a very little bit of alfredo to put on the table as a dip for bread or something.

I haven't bought sauce in ages, but when I did, I recall Frank Sinatra's alfredo sauce being addictive like crack. Dunno if they still make that. I think they do?
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Classico sundried tomato alfredo is our favorite but, the regular is really good, too.
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