Good place to try out various bags/backpacks in Chicago?
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What's a good place to check out a wide variety of bags and backpacks in the Chicago area? I have three different bags from Timbuk2 that I ordered online over the past couple of years, but none are perfect; I need to try out my next bag-candidate in person.
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Best answer: I've had good results with Uncle Dan's, in the Evanston area: link
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Response by poster: I should have mentioned that I'm a computer geek who intends to be using said bag in an urban environment; two of my current bags have laptop compartments. ^_^
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The one I got there has a padded space for a laptop. I use it regularly.
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Best answer: I found my backpack at Uncle Dan's also (and there are stores in Chicago - one on Southport and one on Lincoln that I know of). My backpack has a laptop compartment, which is why I got it. They carry a lot of tough brands, like Timbuk2 and North Face and others. You should have a decent selection.

It's more geared toward purses, but something to check out might be That's Our Bag - I got my favorite ever messenger bag there (but no laptop compartment).

There's a bag store at the Old Orchard shopping mall that I've popped into and has a decent selection, but I can't remember the name - it might even be a post of That's Our Bag. I can't really think of any other places. There's a North Face in Evanston that might have something. I'll keep thinking.
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Response by poster: Ah, okay; I read too much into the title "Uncle Dan's Army-Navy Camping & Travel" on the Yelp page. ;-) I'll check them out!
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