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Can anyone share any info on Edge Precizion Tile flooring? I'm considering it for a DIY kitchen, but have been reading some horror stories online from untrusted sources. (yes, I trust the opinions of my mefi pals!!)
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I saw a commercial for that stuff flash by while watching TiVo yesterday. What would be more horrific about it than regular tiles? It just seemed to be two-tiles-in-one with a groove to help you line the rectangles up evenly.
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Response by poster: horrific in terms of durability and what happens to the floor after it's been installed.
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I've never used the product, but I have a lot of experience laying tile. Is the product significantly lower in cost than regular tile? If not, or if it's more expensive, than I might consider just doing tile instead. It's really not hard at all. Going around weird objects can be a little tricky, and you'll want to have some extra tiles for those times when your cut doesn't work, or you break a tile...but really, floating a floor and laying tile with spacers is really simple, and the end results will last for nigh onto forever.
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I noticed the online prices for the Precizion tiles were 10 times the price of normal tiles - Lowes has them for close to $40 per square foot.. I don't understand how they can justify that price point.
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BTW, after a long night spent doing large calculations and complex equations, I came to the realization that 100 square feet (about the size of my kitchen), would cost $4000 just in tiles alone to cover using the Precizion tiles.. I must be missing something - that seems outlandish.
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