Feminist commentary on female sexual preferences
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I'm interested in reading feminist commentary on female sexual preferences, especially on the near-universal (?) preference of women for taller and older men. What does the range of opinions within feminism look like, and what books or articles or essays ought I search for? Suggestions for materials that respond to feminist perspectives on this topic are also welcome.
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Because most feminist studies tend to emphasize the uniqueness of each woman/person, you'll likely not find many feminist writings specifically on generalized feminine sexual preferences. However, the Gawker Media blog Jezebel is a self-described celebrity, sex, fashion blog for women which may help you find what you're looking for.
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Maybe start with this? And possibly peruse the references list? Women's sexual desire: a feminist critique.
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One good one is "Women and Desire: Beyond Wanting to Be Wanted", by Polly Young-Eisendrath.

My general response:

Women's sexual agency has tended to be strongly limited and controlled by men. That means that women are subject to the same social pressures as men, but often with even more economic and cultural force.

Thus I'm not sure it's possible to really distinguish the near-universal (?) preference of women for taller and older men from men's general cultural preference for younger and shorter women.

That combination, you'll notice, creates couples where the man can more easily maintain control (and/or the appearance of control/dominance, which can be just as important in macho culture).

Is that what you're getting at?
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One I love is Natalie Angier's Woman: An Intimate Geography, written by a science journalist.
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