Lovely, simplified project plan tools?
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Is there software or a website that supports working with nice-looking, chunky, color-coded blocks to build a plan? Kind of like Microsoft Project for aesthetically attuned kindergarteners?

I work for a consultancy, and we have a bunch of ideas that a client company could develop. They won't take on all of them at once. So, we want to put each in a block that our client can rearrange and stretch on screen, to stage development over time. I'm imagining this as a group activity (probably projected), so I don't want anything nearly as detailed and full-functioned and ugly as Microsoft Project. Do you know of shareware, a website, an application, or other digital solution that would support this?
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Do you think you might be able to do it with Kidspiration? It really is for kids, but it lets you build relational diagrams...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. Kidspiration is cool, but too transparently kid-directed for our client to use with their execs, and OmniPlan looks like an improvement on Project, but more like it than not. Since the perfect digital thing seems not to exist, I think I'm going to build some physical pieces for them to move around instead. Thanks again.
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