help me get to docking nirvana
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does the ultimate internet radio/ipod dock/streaming audio portable device exist?

I'm looking all over for a device that I can't believe hasn't been made already. I want an audio device that will play music from my ipod, from internet radio, AM/FM/DAB+(XFM in US), my mp3s on network drive and have a clock and alarm. and have enough oomph to fill a bedroom or kitchen. Actually, I've described my laptop, but I want it to look like a docking system, and have a better sound than my laptop.
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A laptop with an iPod dock attached and a set of speakers.

...I'm actually pretty serious here, because the total combination of those features hasn't yet been made in a single gadget.
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Chumby with speakers.
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2nding Chumby. It does have speakers. It wont play iPod DRM'd files.
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